Mountain of Ideas is the inspiration that comes from the innovative development through hard work, creative execution and implementation of ideas for the B2B and the B2C customers. When selling to a business or customer there are different processes in order to communicate effectively.

An action originates from an idea and knowing how to execute. Perhaps you have heard this story. A man is tormented by a squeak in his wood floor. He’s already tried dozens of ways to fix it, but nothing helped. Finally the man hears of a true craftsman and invites him to try. The carpenter enters the room and quickly locates the squeak. He lowers himself to the spot, removes a hammer and nail from his toolbox, and after a few quick whacks he stands and begins to scribble out the invoice. Before accepting the bill, the man tests the spot and there is no trace of the old squeak. He reads the bill: Nail $1.25, knowing where to hammer $48.75.

Mountain of Ideas provides service in the following areas:

Think Tank

When looking for a Mountain of Ideas let our Think Tank go to work for you. Creativity is the result of effort: toiling, striving, refining, testing, experimenting… The work itself results in inspiration, which results in an idea. Big ideas come from people and organizations who do, not from people and organizations who dream.

Create an environment of innovation through these strategies:

  • Combine Ideas – facilitate the intersection of ideas through research and development.
  • Think Backwards – we start with the end product in mind and work back towards a fundamental idea. Ever mindful of practicality, cost and technology.
  • Rapid Prototype – we innovate rigorously to drive an idea from pen and paper to full mock up as fast as possible.
  • Develop Incubation Chamber – we assist to develop an environment that is outside of the business network as we invite a culture to think ‘out-of-the-box.’ Instill behavior that is open and gets a life of its own, one that is out of the budget thinking. We want NEW ideas that are different from the safe zones within the organization.
  • It’s In The Clouds – we utilize a cloud based atmosphere that incorporates around the clock idea generation from the team. A central hub to track and grow conceptually.
  • Mountain of Ideas – our team will go to work for you. We put on those proverbial ‘think tank’ hats and innovate, create and reach for the sky.


We provide Marketing Support designed to position a business with strong brand awareness, establish position with market growth and increased revenues.

  • Market Analysis – Evaluate business and marketing plan; competitive and market analysis; S.W.O.T., strategic goals; economic and executive overview; detailed marketing; sales and action plan; operating budget; recommendation for changes where appropriate.
  • Product Development and Positioning – Direct market plan and position through marketing strategy, evaluate and recommend design for advertising, print and collateral.
  • Sales and Marketing Plan Development – Review market analysis and recommend rate position, evaluate Internet marketing plan and offer action steps to enhance exposure and maximize return on investment.
  • Schedules, Positioning, and Distressed Strategy – Evaluate reports to determine what modifications are needed for marketing, tracking, and revenue reports.
  • Public Relations.
  • Branding.
  • Marketing Collateral.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Presentation Building.
  • Video Production.
  • Direct Marketing.
  • Global Marketing and Positioning.
  • Research.
  • Trade Shows.
  • Telemarketing.
  • Web Development.
  • Event Planning.



We provide sales support designed to accelerate revenues.

  • Sales and Training – Evaluate sales territories, including geographic market segments, work with sales managers to evaluate skills and needs, provide individual sales training, review and adjust sales action plans and territories ensuring execution of these plans.
  • Procedures – Evaluate reports for any modifications and/or additions, participate in sales meetings providing support and direction.
  • Secret Shopper Program.


Revenue Optimization

  • Development of domestic/International market segments for direct, wholesale, leisure, and group business.
  • Rate and occupancy optimization through yield strategies.
  • Implement and/or enhance a multi-level rate management program for maximizing revenue.



We provide general operations support designed to increase operational productivity through quality and optimal cost control.

  • Evaluate operational policies, procedures, staffing models and performance, product offering, standards, maintenance programs, and cost control to maximize productivity while minimizing costs.
  • Work with managers for skills assessment, action plans, and individual training.



We provide financial support to evaluate, control, and report on accounting systems.

  • Customize and implement a third party accounting system.
  • Evaluate accounting policies and procedures, controls, and budgets recommending changes where appropriate.
  • Review cash handling systems, policies, and procedures.
  • Complete on site audit of accounting policies and procedures, controls, budgets, shift auditing of cash and credit card transactions, internal and external banking control systems.
  • Implement a financial reporting system that permits access of financial statistics to authorized owners and managers in real time.
  • Work with department managers to create a capital expenditures budget based on the replacement reserve.
  • Serve as an “on-call” resource for manager and owner.



A highly skilled liaison is assigned to oversee the day-to-day operations. This person works directly with the manager, and serves as the primary contact point with the ownership and requested parties. Services include:

  • Research and monitor special projects and competitive bid process, solicitation of bids, review of qualifications and insurance, presentation and recommendation.
  • Project management, oversight and direct communication.
  • Coordination and oversight of all subcontracted services.
  • Provide liaison to oversee daily affairs.



Services include:

  • Preparation and distribution of financial reports, annual operating budget, and replacement reserve schedule.
  • Maintain documents such as insurance policies, blue prints, correspondence, maps, declarations, legal filings and tax returns.
  • Arrange preparation of year-end state and federal tax returns if applicable; actual costs associated with tax preparation are borne by ownership.


Management Analysis Tools

  • Executive Team Reports and Business Reviews by Department.
  • Daily Guest Report.
  • Complete Array of Revenue Reports.
  • Guest Satisfaction.
  • Customized Financial Reporting.
  • Cash Flow Management.
  • Forecasting and Budgeting.
  • Capital Expenditure Analysis.
  • Payroll Administration.


Specific Services

  • Full Complement of Management, Sales, Marketing, Operational and Revenue Consulting Modules.
  • Full-service Resort, Hotel, and Spa Management services.
  • Spa and Restaurant Operations.
  • Seasonal Management.
  • Asset Management.
  • Group and Event Business.
  • Food and Beverage Management.
  • Entertainment Management.
  • Market Share Growth.